138 Viking Canine Names That Will Pave Your Pup’s Street To Valhalla

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So you have acquired a brand new canine. Congratulations! Does he really feel like an outdated soul? Are you satisfied he was delivered to you straight from Valhalla? Does he eschew conventional pet food in favor of knäckebröd and köttbullar? Sounds such as you might need a Viking in your arms, so you need to select from some correct Viking canine names.

Do not assume you’ll want to have a Norwegian elkhound or one thing else overtly Nordic so as to give your canine a Viking-inspired title. They’re nice for anybody who’s trying to convey a sense of power, the Aristocracy, or pleasure. Or perhaps you deal with your canine like a Norse god or simply actually take pleasure in watching the TV present Vikings (or the Thor motion pictures, for that matter).

Listed beneath, you may discover dozens of nice names from all features of Viking tradition. And even when you do not discover the proper Viking canine title right here, hopefully this record will not less than get your artistic juices flowing!

Viking God Canine Names

Could as effectively begin on the very high: Paramount to Viking tradition is the pantheon of Norse gods and goddesses. What higher technique to convey the truth that your puggle has the center of a warrior then with a suitably majestic, Norse god canine title?

  • Odin

  • Thor

  • Balder

  • Vidar

  • Vali

  • Brage

  • Heimdall

  • Tyr

  • Njord

  • Ull

  • Forseti

  • Loki

  • Ásynja

  • Frigg

  • Freyja

  • Freyr

  • Hela

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Well-known Viking Names for Canines

Coming down out of Asgard, the subsequent logical step is to have a look at a number of the most well-known names all through Viking historical past, and mining these for inspiration. Listed here are some well-known Viking names to your canine:

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Badass Viking Names for Canines

Possibly the very best factor about canine names is they do not even should be names in essentially the most conventional sense. Except for completely having the ability to title your pup Mr. FloofyNooter if it tickles your fancy, you can even use any phrase or phrase mixture that simply feels proper to you. With that in thoughts, listed here are some badass Norse phrases that make good canine names.

  • Asgard

  • Berserker

  • Kraken

  • Valkyrie

  • Boli

  • Rotinn

  • Burkr

  • Kasta

  • Klippa

  • Haggen

  • Skrapa

  • Skirra

  • Knutr

  • Uggligr

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Lady Viking Names for Canines

Feminine Viking names convey energy and dignity. There aren’t many higher choices to your noble woman then a correct lady viking canine title.

  • Astrid

  • bodil

  • Frida

  • Gertrud

  • Gro

  • Estrid

  • Hilda

  • Gudrun

  • Gunhild

  • Helga

  • Inga

  • Liv

  • Randi

  • Signe

  • Sigrid

  • Revna

  • Sif

  • Tora

  • Tove

  • Thyra

  • Thurid

  • Yrsa

  • Ulfhild

  • Åse

  • Brynhildr

  • Geirdriful

  • Gondul

  • Herja

  • Hervor Alvitr

  • Hrist

  • Kara

  • Mist

  • Prima

  • Randgrid

  • Reginleif

  • Sigrdrifa

  • Sigrun

  • Skogul

  • Svipul

  • Rota

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Boy Viking Names For Canines

Male viking names convey power and advantage. They’re additionally simply actually enjoyable to shout throughout a full canine park. Listed here are some nice choices for male viking names for canines.

  • Arne

  • Birger

  • Bjorn

  • Bo

  • Erik

  • Frode

  • Gorm

  • Knud

  • Kare

  • Leif

  • Njal

  • Roar

  • Rune

  • Sten

  • Skarde

  • Sune

  • Svend

  • Troels

  • Toke

  • Torsten

  • trygve

  • Ulf

  • Ødger

  • Åge

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Viking Canine Names From the Present Vikings

The Historical past channel authentic present Vikings was immensely widespread and did fairly a bit to re-ignite curiosity in Viking tradition and tales all through america. Listed here are some nice viking canine names from the present:

  • Lagertha

  • Floki

  • Torvi

  • Ubbe

  • Hvitserk

  • Aethelwulf

  • Aslaug

  • Ecbert

  • Erlendur

  • Margrethe

  • Ingvild

  • Frodi

  • Heahmund

  • Gisla

  • Novgorod

  • Kalf

  • Kewnthrith

  • Horik

  • Aelle

  • Odo

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